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Typically September is beautiful weather, averaging at 50°F. This means cooler mornings and warm afternoons, but rain and the occasional blast of snow can happen. October can be similar, the average for the first 2 weeks is 50°F but the frequency of colder weather increases as the month proceeds down to an average of 30°F.

What to Bring

Layered clothing! We prefer you to wear brown camouflage patterns if possible. Please bring: 

  • headgear both warm and cold weather 

  • gloves

  • lightweight waders and rain gear (in case of heavy rain or snow, weather pending )

  • headlamp

  • sunglasses

  • travel mug

  • cameras

  • sunscreen and bug spray

Don’t forget your passport, checkbook, blind bag, and provincial and federal licensing.


You can purchase your provincial licenses at:

Alberta Relm

You can purchase your federal license at:

Migratory Game Bird Hunting Permit

Traveling with Guns 

When you purchase one of our PACKAGES this includes firearms and ammunition.

We have a variety of right-handed, and left-handed shotguns, as well as rifles for your choosing.

If you prefer to bring your own guns, bringing guns into Canada is relatively easy and the permit only costs $25.00 CAD for up to 3 guns. We will provide information on forms and procedures once you have booked your hunt. However, bringing your guns back into the US can be tricky. It is wise to get a “Document of Origin” from US Customs Agency for your gun. You are allowed to bring roughly 200 rounds or 11 lbs of shotgun shells with you in your checked luggage, but it is best to check with your airline before you arrive at the airport. We can also get you any special ammunition you might require (like sub gauges and specialty loads). Specialty order requests are at an additional charge and must be submitted with the completion of your hunter agreement package.

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