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The Hunt

With options to pursue both waterfowl and big game, your party is ensured ample opportunity for a successful outdoor vacation. Each hunt is organized by an experienced guide to lead you and your party to a bountiful harvest as you tour the vast Alberta prairies. 

Black Dog's waterfowl seasons are divided into two separate tours. 

Our spring snow goose hunts are available for reservation from mid-April to early May, while our fall waterfowl hunt availability extends from September 1st through the 10th of November. With lodges located in the middle of three major migratory bird flyways, you should expect high-volume shooting, accompanied by the most liberal migratory game bird bag limits in all of North America.

Our big game hunts are scheduled for the prime of Alberta's rut to ensure plentiful shot opportunities on a world-class animal of your choice. A majority of our big game excursions are conducted in a strategically placed, insulated 20ft tower blind anchored in the middle of a game-rich, high traffic parcel of land.

Pack your warm clothes and blind bag, as we are ready to host you and your party on the adventure of your choice. 

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