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Black Dog Outfitters


Black Dog specializes in professional outfitting at a world-class level,  while setting a standard of quality and professionalism in the industry; we aim for no less than the best for our clients, crew, and landowners.


With over 20 years of outfitting experience, we have created a lifelong relationship with landowners and staff to ensure quality hunting.


​Our lodges are all-inclusive and full of great food, hospitality, and fun. At Black Dog, we believe you and your comrades should be able to enjoy your hunting vacation to its fullest potential. Let us take care of you!


We are licensed, insured, bonded, and fully equipped to offer an exceptional outdoor experience.

Who We Are

who we are

Black Dog Outfitters was founded in 1996 by a team of dedicated sportsmen who pioneered a quality standard of hospitality and guiding services. With over two decades of professional outfitting experience, our team is well equipt to host your party on a world-class hunting tour.


The Black Dog team is full of professional outdoorsmen who expertly schedule, plan, and execute the generous outdoor vacation you deserve.​ Our professional full-service kitchen and well-kept housekeeping staff ensure invaluable service during your stay with us; and our professionally trained guides, scouts, and field hands ensure great shooting on every hunting tour.


Our hunts are located in the bottleneck of the Pacific, Central, and Mississippi flyways; where we are licensed to venture 30 million acres of Parkland, Foothills, and Northern Boreal wildlife areas.

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, relationships within our community, and the ability to maintain a prominent presence in the outdoor industry; all while providing our clientele with an unforgettable, world-class adventure of a lifetime.

The Hunt

the hunt

With options to pursue both waterfowl and big game, you are ensured ample opportunity for a successful hunting expedition. Each hunt is organized by our experienced guides to lead you and your party to a successful hunt as you tour the best of hunting in North America.


Black Dog's waterfowl seasons are divided into two separate tours.

Our spring snow goose hunts are available for reservation from mid-April to early May, while our fall waterfowl hunt availability extends from September 1st through the 10th of November. Hunt 3 or 6 days with us.

3-day hunts include 5 hunts total, meaning 6-day equals 11 hunts total, unless, of course, you fill your limits! This means you'll enjoy 2 hunts per day, morning and evening, and one additional morning hunt the day you leave.


Our big game hunts are scheduled for the prime of Alberta's rut to ensure plentiful shot opportunities on a world-class animal of your choice. A majority of our big game excursions are conducted in a strategically placed, insulated 20ft tower blind anchored in the middle of a game-rich, high-traffic parcel of land. Deer hunting is a day-long event meaning you will get 5 days total, dawn to dust, to get your shot. Otherwise, choose our Combo Hunt, and you'll be able to hunt dawn to dust until you fill both of your tags!

Pack your warm clothes and blind bag, we are ready to host you and your party on the adventure of your choice.

Lodge & Camp

lodge & camp

Black Dog Outfitters has recently constructed a newly built 4,400 sq. ft 2-story hunting lodge, The White-tail. The accommodations have never been better! Once at the camp, you will enter the main lodge or one of our private bunkhouses. The White-tail Lodge is a four-bedroom (two twin beds each), two full washrooms home converted into a fully functioning hunting lodge. All of your meals will be prepared and served in the lodge. Black Dog has recently renovated the west side of the building to include a deck and patio to increase comfort and privacy. On the patio, there is outdoor furniture and a dry bar. Upstairs on the deck, we have comfortable lounge sets and high-top tables for socializing. We have as added three private full-service cabins to the property, we feel the additional cabins offers a more secluded and convenient experience for all of our guest. Each cabin has four bedrooms (two twin beds each) and two full washrooms. The construction of The White-tail and the cabins increases our capacity to a total of 16 bedrooms and 8 full washrooms.

Take full advantage of our onsite lounge, The Pot HoleThe Pot Hole is believed to be the original homestead on the property, at 375 sq. ft we have furnished the Pot Hole with a sectional, 2 TVs, surround sound, a dry bar, video games, dartboard, ping pong table, and round table. Open up the double doors to let in some fresh air and easily access the fire pit and lodge. We have an 8 ft custom firepit that can comfortably fit everyone in your party.

The White-tail is located one hour and 20 minutes east of Edmonton, Alberta, on a 10-acre private property. Our camp can accommodate 16 hunters comfortably. During your stay, you will be offered a full breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Prepared by our professional chef and kitchen staff. A great deal of the food we serve is locally grown and raised within 10 miles of our lodge. We hope you will appreciate our onsite garden, and efforts to provide healthy, and delicious meals. In addition to serving fresh meat and produce we enjoy providing our customers with a farm-to-table, family-style dining experience; that you can only enjoy while staying in a Black Dog Outfitters, Alberta hunting lodge.

Travel Tips

travel tips

What to Bring

  • layered clothing! We prefer you to wear brown camouflage patterns

  • toque/beanie

  • both warm and cold weather gloves

  • lightweight waders and rain gear (in case of heavy rain or snow, weather pending)

  • headlamp

  • sunglasses

  • travel mug

  • camera


Typically September is beautiful weather, averaging at 50°F. This means cooler mornings and warm afternoons, but rain and the occasional blast of snow can happen. October can be similar, the average for the first 2 weeks is 50°F but the frequency of colder weather increases as the month proceeds down to an average of 30°F. So plan for all types of weather.


Traveling with Guns

Firearms and ammunition are both included in the price of a hunt, meaning you don't need to bring your own gun. We have a variety of right-handed, and left-handed shotguns, as well as rifles for your choosing. If you prefer to bring your own guns into Canada, you will need to purchase a permit for $25.00 CAD for up to 3 guns. We will provide information on forms and procedures once you have booked your hunt.

However, bringing your guns back into the US can be tricky. Getting a “Document of Origin” from US Customs Agency for your gun is wise. You can bring roughly 200 rounds or 11 lbs of shotgun shells with you in your checked luggage, but it is best to check with your airline before you arrive at the airport.

Travel Insurance

We don't accept deposits anymore. Instead, we advise all of our clients to purchase Travel Insurance. Alberta Professional Outfitting Society has partnered with Global Rescue. Global Rescue provides industry-leading travel protection services, including access to travel insurance, and medical and security advisory and evacuation. The team at Global Rescue can help members set up travel insurance policies and travel risk programs for their clients. Specifically, there has been a growing interest in “Cancel For Any Reason” travel insurance, which gives clients confidence in booking, knowing they can recoup 75% of non-refundable payments for any reason.

Please DO NOT FORGET your passport, checkbook, blind bag, and federal & provincial licenses.



Every hunt includes a guided hunt, dog, gun rental, ammunition, transportation, meals, and lodging.


All invoices are due during time of booking


September & October

$4,300. usd/hunter - 3 days

$8,300. usd/hunter - 6 days



You can purchase your provincial licenses at:

You can purchase your federal license at:



 For "Canadian City/Town closest to the permit applicant (hunter)’s intended primary location of hunt?" use Edmonton

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